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This too shall pass.
This too shall pass.

Name: Samm Grace Roxanne
Age: 20 years young
Status: Happily In Love <3
Living in: Southern Ontario Canada,
From: Irving Texas, USA.
Music.:.Randomosity.:.Friends.:.My Boo .:. Sketching.:. Tattoos.:. Tumblr.:. Netflix.:.Volleyball.:.Tea.:.Photography.:.Love.:.Food.:.Hockey.:.Soccer.:.Texas.:

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DIY Costume Cape Video Tutorial from Life Ann Style here. From her site:

A cape is a staple part of anyone’s costume wardrobe.  Add a hood and you have a piece that can be used for more then just costumes.  Red riding hood, dark witch, the guy from Assassin’s Creed, a cloister monk or nun, etc…


New cosplay making book is published! Learn to paint all the stuff for only 5$! 



Want to make some badass props and have no idea how? Check out my new prop making book for only 5$!





nobody in college gives a shit ive seen peope walking to class in heavy snow in sweats and a tshirt and flip flops ive seen people wear studio headphones in lecture ive heard so many professors curse its really some next level shit and high school did not prepare me for it

I was not prepared for university particularly this one lecturer that would slip in a photograph of fisting into presentations to check we were paying attention


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"No, fuck you. I was worth it."

and I’m still worth it // R.R. (via hefuckin)

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